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Background Problem

Richard E. Byrd Community Academy is a Chicago Public School.

The Students of Room 405 have been working since December 2003 to get a new school that was promised years ago.

This website highlights the fifth grade students' efforts to reach out and make changes to public policy so that they can learn in a comfortable and safe school.

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This website highlights the efforts and campaign of the Fifth Grade Students in Room 405 at Chicago Public School's Richard E. Byrd Community Academy.

As fifth graders, we are participating in a program called PROJECT CITIZEN. Through the project, which we having been doing for over five months (since December 2003), we learn how the government works and ways we can be active citizens to make change (even as fifth graders from Cabrini Green).

We are on a campaign to get a new school building because our building is not comfortable and is falling apart. We have done a lot of work to try and fix this problem. You can come inside and see for yourself!

As the sign shows above says, we were promised a new school because the Chicago Public Schools knows that our building needs to be replaced. We have found the evidence to prove it! The problem is that the sign is over 6 years old and we are still in the same inadequate building. Sign photo by Nicholas, Byrd school photo by Carrie Bergagna/The Chronicle.

We want to thank Ms. Adrienne Boutwell. She is a person in one of Mr. Schultz's classes that helped us design our website. We think she did a great job!

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