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Background Problem
The Project
The Neighborhood
The School
The Students
The Teacher

The Project

Center for Civic Education and the National Conference of State Legislatures

We are students of Room 405 at Richard E. Byrd Community Academy. We have been working hard to get a new school built to replace our school that is falling apart. The project is called Project Citizen - A New Byrd School. The project is a national project sponsored by the Center for Civic Education nationally and by the Constitutional Right Foundation here in Chicago for 5th to 8th graders. Using the project we learn how the government works and how we can make changes even as fifth graders.

We feel we need a new school because ours is not comfortable, safe, or a good place for learning. We invite you to see for yourself through this site. Please enjoy our website.

As students we first identified problems that affect our community and us. We came up with a huge list (89 different problems) and decided that our school was the most important problem. Actually many of the problems on our initial list all had to do with the problems with our school building.

After we decided to focus on our school building we discussed and investigated alternative solutions, then developed a class policy (to get a whole new building), and created a comprehensive action plan to get the word out and get our problem resolved.

PC aligns to the Illinois Learning Standards! Click Here for all the stuff you need on your lesson plans.

Some activities that tie into social justice curriculum and public policy:

Aligning Project Citizen to the Illinios State Standards (already all mapped out for social studies and language arts! Although it can be easily done for all subject areas and developed in an integrated curriculum.)

Blank portfolio activity (pdf)

Is it a public policy activity (pdf)

Examples of public policy (pdf)

Lessons 1 (txt)

Lessons 2 (txt)



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