The Perfect Solution: A New School Building


Our perfect solution to the problem of our school building is to get a whole new school building.There are some advantages and disadvantages of getting a whole new school.The advantages are for getting the new school building is that it would be better for all of us for learning.The school will be cleaner.It will also be more comfortable to learn in and would be better for us.

The facilities will be much better than they are now in a new school which would help us learn better.If we got a new school we would not have to eat in the hallway.We also would have an auditorium to see assemblies without peoplesí big heads in the way.We would not have to walk to a park district across the street to get to gym class.To further describe, we would have bathrooms that have working sinks, stalls for privacy, and soap and paper towels to clean our hands.There are so many good things about getting a new school that we do not have the space to name them all. We are all very smart and we think that if we got a brand new school building that we will be even smarter.Think about how great we could be with a new school building.We will be even more intelligent, more comfortable, and safer.

The disadvantages of getting a new school are about the money.It costs a lot of money to get a new school.Through our research we learned that in order to get a new school it would cost $18,000,000.We know that is a lot of money but we think we deserve a clean and better school.We do not think that the decision makers would send their kids to a school that is torn up and falling apart.We also know that the neighborhood is going away and there are not that many kids to go here.Even though we know this we still think it is important to get a new school.Other kids that move here will need a new school wonít they?†† Our class feels that the advantages of getting a new school building are more important than the disadvantages.


Repair and Fix Byrd Community Academy


††††††††††† Even though we want a whole new school we understand that it will cost a lot of money.An alternative to getting a whole new building is to repair and fix the problems with the school.This would also cost a lot of money too.We found out that it would cost about $4,000,000 to fix the school to make it equal to other schools.The problem with fixing the school is that we would still not have a lunchroom, a gym, or an auditorium.They would have to build an addition to get those things.

††††††††††† The advantages of fixing Byrd are that we would have a nicer place to go to school.Our school would be cleaner.It would be a better environment to learn in.We would not have to go to a different school building.

††††††††††† The disadvantages are that it would still cost too much money.People will still call our school a dump.And most things cannot be fixed because they need to be built.


Do Nothing


††††††††††† Another alternative is to do nothing.There would be no advantages to this alternative because our school would still be bad.The disadvantages would be that we would not learn easily.The school is also not safe.And the school is disgusting.We will be mad if nothing is done to fix or replace our school.

††††††††††† Because of what we have done with Project Citizen we know that something is going to be done.We have already seen some improvements.


Combine with Another School


A different alternative for us would be to combine Byrd Academy with another school.We heard that other school have schools within schools and we thought that if we could keep Byrd Academy alive that would be an OK plan.

The advantages of combining with another school are similar to getting a whole new building.We would definitely be in a nicer building that would be easier to learn in.There would be less distractions and it would be more comfortable and safe.For instance, if we got combined we would not have to wear gloves and hats in the classroom or have to have 20 fans during the hot months because we do not have AC.Also there would be better tools for learning at a different school.It does not matter what school we would get combined with because any school is better than Byrd Community Academy.

There are disadvantages to combining with another school building.Even though we think our school is a dump we still like the people inside of it.The kids are all our friends and we like most of the teachers.We think if we got combined we would lose some of our favorite teachers and some kids would leave to.We love Byrd Academy just not the building.In addition, we do not get along with one of our neighboring schools and we have heard that this is one school that we could get put into.The kids at Byrd are more serious students and we do not think that combining with this school would be a good idea.

We have Byrd Community Academy pride.Every student is proud of the school and all that it does for us. Many of the studentsí parents, aunts, and uncles went or go to Byrd.We have a history at Byrd and donít want it to vanish.For example our principal Mr. Gartner is great and if we get combined he will not be our principal anymore.We really do not want Byrd to go away so we do not want to combine with any other schools.