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We cannot believe that so many news places want to cover our story. This makes us feel really good! We think it really helps get the word out and more and more people want to support us! Here are all the news places that have covered the story. You can link to many of these news stories. Originally this was just for news stories but we decided we would add anything that was newsworthy on this page, too! There has been a lot of stuff to tell you!

NEW! March 2005 This website recieved an honorable mention award in the Webshowcase by the Illiniois Computing Educators! Did you know that we were one of two classrooms that won awards? All the other websites that won were either whole schools or school districts?

NEW! October 9, 2004 Byrd students travel to St. Louis to attend Center for Civic Education's National Conference for Project Citizen. The Byrd students were the only students to attend this conference! If you look closely below in the banner you will see us in the picture with the Director of CCE. Click here to see photos from the Center of Civic Education's website.

NEW! 7/14/04 Catherine Gewertz wrote a story about our class in EdWeek. The story is called Reality 101.

NEW! Ralph Nader's new book: The Good Fight: Selling Our Children Chapter is about us. You can click the link to read the part about us.

NEW! 6/23/04 Listen here to Robert Siegel on NPR's All Things Considered today to hear about Project Citizen efforts in Room 405!

NEW! 6/22/04 Read about us again in the Columbia College Chronicle Online: Fate of Byrd Academy Up in the Air: Closing date could eliminate students from Magnet Program deadline by Kristen Menke. Also, tomorrow we find out the fate of Byrd at the Chicago Board of Education Meeting. The BOE members will vote on Arne Duncan's proposal to close Byrd forever.

NEW! 6/18/04 Ben Javorksy from The Chicago Reader wrote an article about school closings in poor black neighborhoods. It talks about our efforts in the aricle: School's out forever.

NEW! 6/13/04 Ralph Nader visit to Byrd gets media attention. Newspapers cover the sotry about Nader praising us! Chicago Tribune article by Hal Dardick. Chicago Sun Times article by Maureen O'donnell.

NEW! 6/12/04 Ralph Nader visits the fifth graders at Byrd to recognize them for their great accompishments with Project Citizen! He came from Washington DC for a non-campaign event and to visit us! Here are some pictures from the event. Photos 1, 2, 3, 4.

photos by room 405

NEW! 6/8/04 Eric Zorn from the Chicago Tribune follows up with the Byrd students in his column in the Trib. Students reflect on the School Board announcement. "Despite School Closings, Students' Battle a Success."

ALERT! 6/4/04 Arne Duncan announces the proposal of closing down Byrd and nine other elementary schools in Chicago. He cites the reasons as low enrollment and conditions of building. Students are forced to attend their neghborhood schools without any choice.

NEW! 6/1/04 Our DVD is released. Mr. Mitchell Norinsky from Video Replay has been working with us to create a DVD of all of our efforts. Check it out 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09

NEW! 5/22/04 Our story featured in the Orlando Sentinel by Marion Brady. Priceless Lesson.

NEW! 5/20/04 Even though we have not gotten any letters from the Chicago Board of Education there are things changing at our school. Our principal told us that we are the reason that the new lights have been put up, there is soap in the bathrooms and all the doors are being fixed. This makes us happy, but it is just a start. We want a whole new school still!!!

Photos by room 405

The Illinois State Board of Education has invited our teacher and four students to come down to Springfield on June 3 to present at the eLearning Webcast! We are the only students in the state to have this honor! You can watch us on your computer.

NEW! 5/18/04 Ralph Nader to come to Byrd to meet with Room 405 Students. More info to come!

NEW! 5/17/04 Many students and staff from Byrd attend the Chicago Public School's Capital Improvement Program Open Hearing to rally for a NEW BYRD SCHOOL! We brought our packets of information for the panel to have while Mr. Gartner- our principal- spoke. The board told us that they were impressed with our work and all the info we gathered. We hope they grant our wish for a new school.

NEW! 5/11/04 We want you to know that things have been happening at our school. The perfect solution is not happening yet but there have been some improvements made to our school!! Check back and we may have some pictures soon!

NEW! 5/6/04 Project Citizen Program Coordinator, Mr. Adam Gerston, visits and congratulates Room 405 on their fine work! Mr. Gerston is from the Center for Civic Education. He is based out of California, but came all the way to Chicago to see us! (picture 1, picture 2, picture 3, picture 4, picture 5)

NEW! 4/30/04 Project Citizen - A New Byrd School wins the Northwestern University Project of the Year Award!!!

NEWS COVERAGE: People that have interviewed us about our Project Citizen activities:

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